Who I AM

Who I Am

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Matteo, a young enterpreneur dealing with health and wellness. After I lived in contact with the care of the human organism and nature, and after I have grown up under the guidance of a naturopathic figure in the family, I felt the call for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
In the past I have had the opportunity to get in touch with different work environments: from the construction field to the herbalist’s shop, from a simple clerk to a worker specialized in organic farming; at the end of these experiences I decided to choose a different path, which would allow me to promote organic and really effective products, working with an ethical method alongside a solid and reliable company, and I found all this in Forever Living.
Speaking about this I want to share with you, that you have paused to read these few lines of mine, what it could be an opportunity to safeguard your health, improve your current state of life and that of those around you and who you care about. So I’m going to talk about an excellent product line and a project that you may never have heard and that I think is really something unique.
Enjoy this five-minute reading to evaluate the possibility of giving value to your life!